Weddings/Civil Partnerships

Ceremonies can be as creative and romantic as the couple want. Celebrant ceremonies can be held in gardens, marquees, on boats, in Castles, on beaches, absolutely anywhere that you can get your guests to come to!

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You can get the legal part of your marriage out of the way, in just 15-20 minutes with the minimum of effort in the registry office with your 2 witnesses on another day, and save all the ceremony and celebrating for your specially chosen venue with as many of friends and family as you choose to invite, and then the party can continue!

Anyone can take part and many of our couples choose close family members and close friends to actively participate in the ceremony.

Couples with children can make them a part of the ceremony.

Cost: £395 (plus travel costs).



The laws governing Register Office weddings strictly control what can be said or done. These ceremonies are designed around a standard framework. It is not currently possible to be legally married out of doors and there are limitations on time, place and content of ceremonies.

  • Claire Western, Sussex Wedding Celebrant.
    Phone 07535 090577.

  • 'My role is to find out what is important to you, put together a ceremony that is filled with special meaning and deliver for you a beautiful, heart felt celebration.’
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